We’re all-too-familiar with that clammy feeling you get when wearing waterproof jackets. That sticky, sweaty situation is enough to forgo your protective layer outright and just brave the elements. Thankfully, we don’t need to expose ourselves to the sleet, snow or whatever else the sky has thrown at us, thanks to The North Face’s newest line of outerwear. Their Brigandine jacket is equipped with breathable Futurelight technology that keeps you dry while still being able to transmit built-up moisture through the fabric, avoiding that unpleasant feeling of overheating. It comes in both men's and women's.


We have science to thank for this nifty new jacket. The North Face has tapped into a production method called nanospinning which creates nano-sized fibres that allow for better ventilation while maintaining waterproofness. Couple that with smart designs that feature a hyperarticulated fit specifically for skiing and riding, and the Brigandine jacket has you sorted for your next big mountain skiing or snowboarding trip.


If the breathability and performance hasn’t already sold you on the Brigandine line, then the fact that it’s made with sustainability in mind, using recycled fabrics in a responsible manufacturing process, might do the trick. While it’s designed for skiing and snowboarding, we think you’ll find yourself reaching for these layers in your everyday winter activities – a vigorous snow-shovelling session or that inevitable morning sprint for the streetcar that’s threatening to leave without you.

$949.99, thenorthface.com