“Can I just use yours?” is something we are so tired of hearing when we're packing for a trip. And the last-minute scramble to the store to desperately search for mini versions of products that will make it through airport security isn't much better. AirBjörn, the complete travel toiletry kit for him is a lifesaver (and may have saved our marriage, too). It comes fully equipped with everything he needs for up to 10 days of travelling — no more samples, drugstore dash or sharing our personal products. 

The AirBjörn travel toiletry kit is perfect for those who travel a lot, but it's also great for the guys who rarely fly and are a bit clueless about what to pack (a bar of soap in a Ziplock bag is no way to travel, dad). And it doesn't just have to be for flights or long trips. He can take it to the gym, golfing, camping, to the cottage or even to a weekend at the in-laws’ house (he'll probably enjoy the visit a lot more if he isn’t using Nana’s body wash). 

AirBjörn travel toiletry kit being packed with men's clothing

AirBjörn: What is it

Dreamed up by seasoned travellers who wanted to maintain their daily routine (and their confidence) using premium products while on trips, AirBjörn is an all-inclusive travel toiletry kit for him. The sleek, TSA-approved pouch includes a full assortment of 14 travel-ready, premium brands from around the world in carry-on sizes, some even exclusive to AirBjörn — and they all smell incredible. We seriously could not get enough of the scents. 

All of the basic necessities, like minty fresh toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss and a biodegradable toothbrush can be found inside the AirBjörn travel toiletry kit. The curated selection of leading brands offers head to toe coverage including skincare, with the Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser and Triumph & Disaster GameFace™ Face Moisturizer, and grooming with the Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream and Truefitt & Hill Deluxe Travel Razor. He can clean up with the Jack Black Turbo Wash and then freshen up with Baxter Of California Deodorant and Persons Of Interest Supernova Eau du Parfum.

Hair styling can be one of the most challenging parts of travelling. It's hard to find miniature versions of the products that work, and trying something new on a trip, only to discover it leaves hair greasy or puffy can be so disappointing. Inside the AirBjörn travel toiletry kit, the Imperial Barber Classic Pomade goes on light, leaving hair with body and a gentle hold. A little goes a long way with this hair product that could easily be an everyday go-to.

AirBjörn travel toiletry kit items lined up

AirBjörn: What else

The compact travel toiletry kit is delivered to your house in three to five days, making it perfect for a last-minute Father's Day gift or for skipping that trip to the store when you realize your vacation is only a week away. AirBjörn comes in a polyester pouch that you can keep all the items in or reuse for other travel needs, not to mention, all of the products come in recyclable or compostable packaging.

In addition to being a super convenient all-inclusive travel toiletry kit, AirBjörn can also help guys who are shy to shop for skincare discover and try new products. If he isn't using an eye cream already, he will be with the Kiehl's Eye Fuel included in the kit. 

While it's marketed as a men's travel toiletry kit, there's no reason that a woman (or anyone) couldn't enjoy these specially curated premium products. They have a deliciously musky, masculine scent and come in sleek, darker colours. 

AirBjörn: The verdict

All in all, this convenient, easy and complete AirBjörn travel toiletry kit is a traveller's (seasoned or otherwise) best friend. The travel toiletry kit is packed with premium skincare, haircare, grooming and hygiene products that every guy needs. Stuffed with $200 worth of products and sold for $149, it's an easy investment in a smoother, better travel experience skipping out on the stress of potentially forgetting something. Consider this an upgrade for those tired of settling for generic brands.

With Father's Day coming up, it makes a great gift for dad, but any guy would appreciate receiving this thoughtfully curated kit at any time.

AirBjörn, $149, airbjorn.co