There are plenty of occasions that call for an itty bitty string bikini: swimming in your private pool on a luxurious honeymoon, relaxing on one of the world's best beaches with your S.O. or hitting up one of Ontario's beaches known for raucous day parties. But there are also plenty of times when I'm after a little more coverage. Spending time at the family cottage, for instance, is a lot more relaxing without the worry of a string bikini threatening to come untied without warning. (Sorry, kids! Cover your eyes!)

Yes, there are always one-piece swim suits, but I'm not trying to take all the fun out of going to the beach. And I can't stand that weird little dance you have to do when you're trying to pry off a wet, impossibly-stuck-to-you swimsuit to use the bathroom. 

Alder Surf's Up Bikini: What is it

Outdoor apparel company Alder is on a mission to make the outdoors a safe and inclusive space with a line of clothing made for going outside, getting dirty and looking cute while you do it — regardless of shape or size. This spring, they launched their swimwear collection with a one-piece, a bikini set and swim shorts that come in two lengths. I took their new bikini set for a test drive, err, swim.

Alder Surf's Up Bikini in sycamore green

The high-waisted bottom offers full coverage — the antithesis to the thong bottoms that are having a moment right now — while the top features wide straps and a scoop neck for support, like a cute sports bra. It's enough coverage to make me feel comfortable doing beach yoga, without feeling like I'm covered up at the beach.  

Alder Surf's Up Bikini: The features

Available individually or as a set, Alder's Surf's Up Bikini Top and Bottom come in black, sycamore green and lagoon blue. The colours are rich, but more earthy than bright. They're perfect for feeling like one with nature or just keeping a low profile on the beach. Both pieces come in 10 sizes(!) ranging from XS to 6X, and you can choose a different size for the top and bottom — a key feature for those of us who aren't precisely equally proportioned like a Barbie doll.

The soft, supportive swimsuits are made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a durable, recycled fabric that comes from sustainable Italian mills. The bottoms also feature tiny pockets!

Alder Surf's Up Bikini: The verdict

I love my body and my string bikinis, but sometimes I would rather focus on swimming, kayaking or just having fun with my family, rather than making sure my swimsuit stays on. Alder's Surf's Up Bikini is a comfortable addition to my beach wardrobe that I know I'll reach for again and again. The soft, supportive fabric and modest cut makes me feel confident to take on the world and all the wild water adventures out there. Maybe this is the summer I finally try paddle boarding...

Alder Surf's Up Bikini, $183.60,