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You can now earn Aeroplan points with your morning coffee

With travel on the horizon, it's time to start saving up those Aeroplan points — and now you can earn them at Starbucks, along with Starbucks Stars. 

Aeroplan points partners with Starbucks Rewards | An Air Canada plane

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been saving every penny for a much-needed post-pandemic trip. Now that travelling is closer than ever, Air Canada is partnering with Starbucks to help you splurge on your next big trip.

Aeroplan members can now link their account with their Starbucks rewards card to earn Aeroplan points and Starbucks Stars with every food or drink purchase at participating Starbucks locations.

Loading $50–$74 onto your Starbucks card can get you 75 Aeroplan points, or get a whopping 150 points if you load $75 or more. Not a Starbucks Rewards member? Create an account to earn a one-time bonus of 400 Aeroplan points.

So while travelling may be off the table for a little longer, you can still earn those points for your next trip, all while grabbing your morning coffee.

To learn more or to link your account, visit