I tried IV therapy and more at Trove Toronto wellness centre — here's how it went

Cold plunges, hypnotherapy, Himalayan salt caves and sound baths are on offer at Trove, Toronto's downtown one-stop wellness centre. I tried IV vitamin therapy for the first time — this was my experience.

Trove Toronto | The firepit is the centrepiece of the IV Therapy Lounge

Trove Toronto wellness centre: The story

School chums Zoë Paliare and Tanya Kololian were sick of schlepping around the city for their various wellness appointments. In 2021, the pair quit their corporate law jobs in favour of a passion project that tapped into the mental health crisis that had ballooned following a global pandemic. The result was Trove, a wellness centre in the Financial District that prioritizes personalized care. 

"We both had that same frustration, and Trove was born out of our desire to see something like this exist," says Paliare. The pair is excited to be able to recommend experienced and talented practitioners across the hall instead of across the city. "Our naturopath is amazing, and now I can refer someone to an acupuncturist in the space — all of these things that I usually send other people away for. It's all so convenient."

Trove Toronto | One of the five treatment rooms at Trove

The 5,000-square-foot facility on Adelaide Street West offers several wellness services, from reiki and red-light therapy to hypnotherapy and IV vitamin treatments, and has five individual treatment rooms to explore your holistic journey. 

Trove Toronto | The retail store at the street entrance is filled with Canadian brands and wellness products

"There's so much happening outside of this space in the world, in people's busy lives — So many inputs and things that are constantly triggering stress and the activation of our nervous systems," says Paliare. "When we thought about this space, it was really a place to help people come back to centre." The careful details of the space, designed by Future Studio, like the dark mood lighting and the music, aim to facilitate this.

Trove Toronto wellness centre: The experience

Upon entering, I am greeted by friendly staff inside the concierge-stroke-retail-shop. The space is filled with an array of beautiful products, from skincare to herbal teas, largely from Canadian brands. From here, I am escorted into the changing room before I get settled in the IV Therapy Lounge.

Treatment rooms lead off from this main artery, but there's a special energy centred around the IV Therapy Lounge's glowing firepit. Sitting on one of the couches that form a circle around this centrepiece, there's something sanctuary-esque about this. At the same time, I feel like a contestant on Bachelorette in Paradise awaiting my fate.

Trove Toronto | A firepit forms the centrepiece of the IV Therapy Lounge at Trove

Despite the ambient setting, once I'm greeted by a health practitioner, wheeling over an IV drip, I realize this is not exactly the spa experience I had envisaged. IV vitamin therapy comes in a few "flavours," like Gut Glow, which supplies glutathione to the body to detox and reduce inflammation. Energy provides nutrients to support immune health, a stressful lifestyle and thyroid conditions. I have opted for Boost, packed with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and potassium for enhanced overall wellness. 

It's around the time the nurse begins to look for a vein that I start to feel a little off. I certainly don't have a fear of needles, but I also wouldn't say I'm a fan. I dig into my complimentary Nutbar snacks with my spare hand in a last-ditch attempt to boost my blood sugar, but as soon as the needle goes in, I feel very wobbly. I inform the nurse that I need to put my head between my legs and she sweetly removes the drip and fetches me a mug of tea. 

Unfortunately, my IV vitamin treatment ends prematurely. I'm told by another guest that the sensation is slightly cold as the vitamins flow into their bloodstream, a little tingly, but ultimately invigorating. Luckily for me, there are plenty of other experiences to try at Trove. 

Trove Toronto wellness centre: What else?

Wooziness subdued, I head next door, tail between my legs, to the Red Light Therapy Room. At first glance, the Prism Light Pod reminds me of the ill-informed tanning beds of my youth. However, I am informed that this whole-body equivalent of the Iron Man-esque anti-ageing LED face masks on the market, is completely safe. I strip off, lift the lid, climb inside and await for the bright lights to work their magic and shave years off of me. 

Trove Toronto | The Red Light Therapy Room has an infrared bed which claims to reduce signs of aging

Next up, I head to the Himalayan Salt Cave for a look around. This is one of the experiences Trove describes as a "solo journey," meaning that no practitioner is leading the session. Instead, simply lie down on the Healthy Wave Mat and enjoy the healing powers of the pulsing pad in the relaxing environment of the tranquil salt cave. 

Trove Toronto | The Himalayan Salt Cave has mats to help guests relax

Lastly, I enter the cocoon of a dimly lit studio for a soothing reiki healing session. It's a treat to give my tired and overstimulated body a much-needed 50-minute reprieve, in which I lay still in a darkened room, while the practitioner's calming words and gentle adjustments wash over me.  

Trove Toronto | Classes are available at Trove's studio spaces including reiki

Lovers of the hydrotherapy circuit need to get acquainted with Trove's infrared sauna and cold plunge. Unlike some of the other cold plunge experiences in the city that we've tried out, like Othership and Alter, Trove offers a more private affair, with the option to book individually or as a group. In addition to the benefits like improved cognitive function and reduced inflammation, the state-of-the-art sauna promises detoxification and improved circulation to boot.

Trove Toronto | The cold plunge and infrared sauna can be booked out for groups and individuals in a private room

Trove has also created cozy corners and nooks so that guests can spend some time reflecting or journaling between sessions and appointments.  

Trove Toronto | Trove has lots of cozy nooks to journal and relax

Trove Toronto wellness centre: The verdict

While there are classes and friendly staff on hand to guide you through your experience, Trove is all about a personal wellness journey. If, like me, you're new to wellness, Trove's elevated offerings might be a step above the entry-level adventure you're looking for. However, as a cold-plunge lover, I appreciated the privacy of having a solo experience, knowing the acute anxiety of being in a bathing suit with strangers. 

Trove offers an entirely unique experience that feels like it's happening a world away from the traffic of downtown Toronto. And while I'll probably stick to a multivitamin the next time I need a boost, I'm already looking forward to returning for a session of self-care.


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