Toronto's new Sweat and Tonic in The Well is a sprawling fitness hub

From yoga to pilates, the new Sweat and Tonic in The Well, Toronto is a 25,000-square-foot facility that has your every wellness need covered. Feel the burn with over 200 weekly classes that range in intensity and theme.

Sweat and Tonic in The Well, Toronto: The experience

To say that Sweat and Tonic delivers on grandeur is an understatement. The original location on Shuter Street is already large by Toronto fitness studio standards, but the newly opened Sweat and Tonic at The Well has taken the scale to another level. If, instead of a day of pampering at Ontario's best spas or best wellness retreats, this is your preferred style of wellness, you've got to check it out.

The 25,000-square-foot studio has all the main fixings of the first location, including three signature studios: a RIDE studio for spin classes; the HIIT studio for boxing, HIIT and strength training; and the yoga and pilates studio. The Well's Sweat and Tonic will also feature a personal training studio and a 10,000-square-foot wellness and recovery studio, opening soon.

Sweat and Tonic Toronto | Yoga studio at Sweat and Tonic in The Well

Fitness enthusiasts who build a weekly rotation of strength, cardio and low-impact training will love Sweat and Tonic at The Well. The studios themselves are state-of-the-art with no expense spared on the sound, video and workout equipment. All class materials are free, so you never have to worry about forgetting your boxing gloves or yoga mat. 

Guest experience is top of mind here, but I'm happy to report that it doesn't come at the cost of the quality of the workouts. I've tried classes in all three studios at Sweat and Tonic at The Well and was impressed by each. In terms of intensity, anything in the HIIT studio is not for the faint of heart; it can be a little chaotic at the best of times, but it's also where you'll really feel the burn.

Sweat and Tonic Toronto | HITT studio at Sweat and Tonic

Sweat and Tonic in The Well, Toronto: What else

Go for the workout, stay for the post-workout fuel and amenities. You could easily spend an entire day at Sweat and Tonic at The Well; between the spa-like showers, Dyson air dryers and personal glam stations, the recovery smoothies at the in-house cafe, and the designer lounge, your every need is covered. While the average rate for a class is $30 (more than your average neighbourhood gym), taking advantage of these additional amenities makes the price tag worth it.

Sweat and Tonic at The Well also has themed classes, including a Healing series led by a group of certified Reiki practitioners, and a monthly Drag Ride featuring live music and familiar faces from the city's drag scene.

Sweat and Tonic in The Well, Toronto: The verdict

With over 200 classes to pick from each week, you won't get bored, and neither will your muscles. Depending on the time and day, the studio might be very busy — you might bump elbows with your neighbour in a RIDE class, or feel the breath of the person behind you in your Breathwork class.

I'd recommend signing up for off-peak classes until you get accustomed to the crowds enough to reap the benefits of the studio.

Hot tip: Sweat and Tonic offers a discounted, unlimited 9–5 membership for those with a flexible schedule.