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Just Landed: Sunwing adds flights from Hamilton to the tropics

You can now fly directly from Hamilton to your favourite all-inclusive beach destinations, including Cuba and Mexico.

Just Landed: Sri Lanka airline fees reduced to encourage tourism

The Sri Lankan government hopes that reducing flight costs will embolden tourists to visit the island nation again.

Just Landed: UNESCO unveils 2019 world heritage sites

These cultural and natural landmarks are being recognized by UNESCO for their value to humanity.

Just Landed: A 2,000 km highway connecting Europe to Central Asia has been approved for construction

Functioning as a modern Silk Road, the Meridian highway will make it easier to travel between continents.

Just Landed: GO Transit will take you straight to Muskoka this summer

You can get to the cottage faster with GO's combined train-and-bus service.

Just Landed: Airbnb is now offering luxury travel destinations

You can rent a Tuscan villa, a European castle or a tropical island for $1,000+ a night.

Just Landed: Private travel to space will soon be available

NASA has announced that expeditions to the International Space Station could be available to private citizens as early as 2020.

Just Landed: Gaudi's basilica receives building permit after 137 years

With construction now legally underway, Gaudí's La Sagrada Família Basilica is set to be completed by 2026.

Just Landed: Controversial new airport to open at Machu Picchu

Chinchero Cusco Airport is under construction at Machu Picchu.

Just Landed: Canada has released new air travel rules

The first stage of regulations will take effect mid-July.

Just Landed: Uber launches world’s first rideshare submarine

For a limited time, you can request a scUber tour of the Great Barrier Reef

Just Landed: The Statue of Liberty gets her own museum

The new museum’s doors are now officially open to the public.