The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has announced the 29 cultural and natural landmarks that will be added to the list of world heritage sites for 2019.

There are currently 1121 properties on the world heritage list, which are chosen based on their cultural significance or natural beauty. Once a property is added to the list, it is legally protected under international treaties.

A few of the newly added UNESCO sites include the city of Jaipur in India, the Mounded Tombs of Ancient Japan and the ruins of ancient Babylon in Iraq.

UNESCO world heritage site; Jaipur India.

Eight of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings have also been added to the list, including Fallingwater, the Herbert and Katherine Jacobs House and the Guggenheim Museum.

The United Nations’ cultural panel meets every year to review the addition of locations to the official list of protected sites. UNESCO chooses cultural landmarks based on their value to humanity.