Ever since Greyhound ceased its Canadian operations in 2021, there’s been a bus-sized hole in our hearts — and in our travel plans. Luckily, for those of us who prefer to play passenger princess on long road trips, Flixbus rolled onto the scene last spring.

Founded in 2013, the German transportation company has been lauded for creating the largest long-distance bus network in Europe. Flixbus is already operational in 38 countries, servicing approximately 2,500 different destinations.

Ever since landing on our shores, Flixbus has been expanding its service routes in North America (and it even scooped up Greyhound’s remaining operations).

Now, Flixbus is offering weekend warriors even more options for escaping the city, with 17 different destinations in Canada and cross-border transportation, too. Find trips to Hamilton, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Windsor, New York City and more.