If you've ever wanted to vacation on your own private island, you might just be in luck.

Due to an increased demand for luxury travel, Airbnb has launched its own tier of high-end homestays, which includes a range of memorable properties.

With over 2,000 locations around the world, Airbnb Luxe will grant guests access to their choice of designer luxury experiences, including options to stay at a villa in Tuscany, a private island in French Polynesia or a castle in France.

In addition to the opulent setting, guests will have 24/7 access to a trip designer who will tailor everything to suit travellers' individual needs. Trip designers will arrange airport pickups, create a custom itinerary of activities and schedule services like hiring personal chefs, massage therapists or personal trainers, depending on traveller preferences.

Each destination must pass a strict examination process (consisting of 300 points of inspection) to meet the standards in both design and functionality.

Most locations are priced above $1,000 per night, but if you're willing to split the spacious property (and the cost) with friends, it could definitely be worthwhile.