Tokyo Smoke’s Alan Gertner and Felicia Snyder are connecting us with an innovative return to nature.

Arcana is a project that aims to bridge the gap between urban life and the wild, providing luxury cabins, science-backed experiences and educational content to help unlock the healing powers of nature.

Visitors can escape the city into luxurious, secluded sleeping spaces designed by founding partners Leckie Studio from Vancouver and Aruliden from New York. The minimalist interiors are surrounded by windows to bring the outside in, meanwhile the exterior is made of polished stainless steel to reflect the surrounding forest, making it seem almost invisible.

We'd tell you where in Ontario the cabins are located, but the secret spot is only revealed to guests once they've made a booking. What we do know, is that Arcana's cabins are within a two-hour drive from the city. 

To fill your stay, choose from on-site experiences including a private sauna, hikes and guided forest bathing. Part of a self-directed nature retreat, guests can also experience a meditative sound journey. 

Rates start at $299 for up to two guests, with a minimum two-night stay. Although bookings are closed for 2021, don’t sweat. More locations will be announced as new sites launch across Canada and the U.S.