The Hazelton hotel: What’s the draw

In more ways than one, The Hazelton is in its own class. The hotel — a 77-room property woven deeply into the history of Yorkville’s cobblestone streets — is the only luxury boutique hotel in Canada that can claim a five-star rating from Forbes. That accolade might conjure images of the gaudiness akin to others of the same calibre, but The Hazelton rejects the flashy for the intimate, the haughty for the friendly.

Hazelton Hotel Toronto | The exterior of the Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville

Slip in through the modest entryway and you’ll be whisked inside Yabu Pushelberg’s canvas, the famed design house behind the hotel’s aesthetic. Green granite floors mute footsteps, staff whisper in the hallways and amenities are accessed by private elevators — discretion is the name of the game here.

The Hazelton hotel: What’s on the menu

At ONE Restaurant, servers bring dishes that celebrate seasonal produce to guests on the tree-lined patio or in the dining room decorated with textured walls you’ll have to resist running your fingers through.

The Korean chicken tacos are bite-sized flavour bombs, and glistening lobster tail surfing atop spoonfuls of vermouth beurre fondue seem to be ordered by every table. The showstoppers, though, are the tenderloins — the 40-oz prime tomahawk would fit right in at the city’s most premium chophouses.

Red leather seats beckon for a nightcap at the bar, scored by soft dance music trickling down from the ceiling. Looking for a trip to the wild side? Turn your eyes to the top shelf for a $350 shot of tequila.

The Hazelton hotel: What else?

Luxury is in no short supply here. Porters greet you with genuine warmth, receptionists offer spring water on silver platters, and gold elevators remain open and waiting on the lobby floor. Warning: The rooms will cause involuntary gasps of joy. Heated bathroom floors, built-in mirror TVs and street-view balconies are just a few highlights.

The Spa by Valmont is tucked away from prying eyes. Its heated pool imbues relaxation comparable only to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. Layered beneath the opulence, though, is heart. Room-service staff beam greetings and bartenders offer insights into city history. After one night, it’s clear — it’s the staff that make The Hazelton unparalleled in Toronto.

Rooms from $645 a night

The Hazelton Hotel, 118 Yorkville Ave.;