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Hunter Gutman

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The Swiss Travel Pass is the key to Switzerland travel

A breathtaking country with most areas accessible by train, Switzerland is best explored with the Swiss Travel Pass.

The Hazelton hotel: Luxury, privacy and heart

Chic rooms, lux spa, superb dining: The Hazelton has everything you would expect from a five-star hotel, but the staff are what make it extraordinary.

A peek past the veil of celebrity at The Pendry West Hollywood

Our short stay at the dazzling Pendry West Hollywood slips us into a celebrity's shoes for a whirlwind weekend of excess and extravagance. We find world-class amenities, Michelin-starred restaurants and jaw-dropping modern design at The Pendry West Hollywood.

Take a trip to the sun-glazed centre of the world: West Hollywood

West Hollywood is a city packed with world-class restaurants, gaudy nightlife destinations and dazzlingly maximalist boutique hotels.

Find breathtaking beauty a TTC ride away at Rouge National Urban Park

Easily accessible by the TTC, Rouge National Urban Park is home to diverse wildlife, fitness-challenging hikes, gorgeous vistas and much more.