Swiss Army Knives are an essential for camping and outdoors-people. The Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Knife is a slim and compact model that doesn’t sacrifice functionality with 13 tools that swing out at-the-ready. Among its features are a saw for cutting wood or thick rope, which is surprisingly sharp and effective given its small stature, a corkscrew and wire stripper for last-minute repairs.

While it was designed for backcountry camping, the knife’s thin profile makes it a versatile choice for everyday use. You might find yourself using the knife as a letter opener at home, or popping out the corkscrew at an ill-equipped house party to save the day. The Camper Knife is built to last, so you can expect more than a few quality years of use, although the knives can be sharpened professionally as they dull.

With an engravable exterior and an affordable price, the Victorinox Camper could make a nice gift for young or first-time campers to accompany their future jaunts into the woods.