Pack This: The North Face '95 Retro Denali Jacket

The ultimate cure for cabin fever, this classic fleece will keep you warm enough to get outdoors and enjoy all the cold weather wonders this winter.

What is it

First introduced over three decades ago, the North Face Denali is one of the most recognizable fleece jackets on the market. It was worn by mountain climbing pioneers Todd Skinner and Paul Piana in 1988 when they completed their first free ascent of the Salathe Wall in Yosemite National Park. And if it can stand up to those extreme conditions, just imagine how it could improve your cold weather pursuits. The '95 Retro Denali Jacket's bold style and technical design have stood the test of time and to this day it remains a coveted fleece made to withstand the cold of Canadian winters.

Why do I need it

Once winter hits, even outdoor enthusiasts seem to retreat inside to hibernate for the season. But it's not for lack of activities – there's plenty to do when the snow starts falling. It's the threat of being cold that keeps us locked indoors. But with the proper equipment, a drop in temperature doesn't have to mean a drop in comfort. During the thick of winter, layer the Denali underneath your coat and you'll be warm enough to hit the slopes, take a hike or check out that outdoor light show that everyone has been raving about. In cool to crisp temperatures, just wear it as is. 

Should I buy it

Featuring the classic 1995 silhouette and the original logo, the '95 Retro Denali Jacket is a throwback that will give you vintage vibes, a relaxed fit and warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia. Made from 100 per cent recycled fleece, it's the best of old meets new. For optimal comfort, it has underarm zip venting in case you need a little fresh air. And the block colour design comes in several different hues to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your winter wardrobe. The '95 Retro Denali Jacket is right at the crossroad where comfort, warmth and old-school style meet.