Pack This: Tesalate Towel

Say goodbye to the woes of sandy, soggy towels with the innovative, Australian-made Teslate beach towel.

What is it?

I love a beach getaway as much as the next city slicker, but one thing I don’t love about a day spent in the sand is that the sand always feels impossible to escape when the day is over. We’ve all had the experience of futilely trying to brush all the sand off our bodies before putting our clothes on, or dragging a never-ending trail of sand back to our car.

Most of us have come to except this sandy toll as the price of a day at the beach, but one Australian company has come to our rescue to solve this seemingly unsolvable problem.

Tesalate makes beach towels using a microfibre called AbsorbLite that’s made of 80 per cent polyester and 20 per cent polyamide, rather than the looped fibres used in traditional towels. The result is a beach towel that – miraculously – repels sand.

Why do I need it?

In addition to repelling sand, the Tesalate towel is super absorbent and quick-drying, to boot. According to Teslate, the towel can hold up to a litre of water, but it also manages to dry much faster than a traditional towel.

The towel is designed to be lightweight and transportable. It stretches out to the size of a traditional beach towel but rolls up into a compact little bundle that fits easily into a small bag. It’s handy for tossing in your carry-on for beach trips when you’re short on space; or for throwing in your bag for a day of sightseeing when you have other activities planned beyond the beach and don’t want to lug a heavy beach towel around.

Should I buy it?

There’s little to not love about this towel: It’s lightweight, fast-to-dry, sand-free fabric makes it a great piece to pack for beach vacations, but it’s equally convenient to have at the ready for summer weekends at the cottage. All this functionality comes in a pretty package, too: the Tesalate towel is double-sided and available in a range of bold, colourful prints.