What is it

Using Nordic ingredients and hyaluronic acid, this vegan serum made by Cocoon Apothecary helps to keep skin smooth and hydrated. Iceland moss (a cold-climate lichen) helps adhere water to the skin while polypody fern softens and peat moss retains water in the skin. It’s meant to be applied to clean, dry skin in the morning and evening before you put on your oils and moisturizers. Those with, ahem, ‘mature’ skin will benefit from how Nordic Boost helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s lightweight, unscented and absorbs quickly.

Why do I need it

The cold weather of winter wreaks havoc on our skin. It’s not only the sub-zero temperatures but the chafing of woollen scarves, biting winds and super dry indoor heating that zaps all the moisture from our skin, leaving it irritated, itchy and flaky. Nordic Boost is formulated to combat precisely these environments. Better yet, healthy moisture levels help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines which is something we can get behind. Since the product is made by a Kitchener, Ontario-based skincare company, we trust its creators to know precisely what our skin is going through in the coldest, darkest months.

Should I buy it

Ski bums and hardy outdoor winter trekkers will especially appreciate the hydrating benefits of this 100% plant-based product. But really, anyone that’s exposed to winter weather or is prone to dry skin can benefit from Nordic Boost’s hydrating qualities. This serum can also help to combat the dry air and low humidity of an airplane cabin so pop it into your purse or carry-on for mid-flight hydration (the 60mL size is carry-on friendly).

$40, cocoonapothecary.ca