Victorinox Connex Collection: What is it?

Launched last fall, the Connex Collection from Victorinox offers travelers a combination of sleek styling and modern features made with high quality materials. Lightweight but heavy duty, the hard shell protects your travel necessities while Hinmoto wheels with Lisof Tyres allow for smooth and silent rolling capabilities. Both carry-on sizes of the Connex Collection feature an integrated multi-tool that allows for phone charging on the go.

New to the Victorinox Connex Collection, three additional colour options will help you spring forward into sunnier days and warmer weather. Bright lilac, sultry rose gold and a palm frond print offer a fun and fashion-forward way to express yourself with your luggage.

Victorinox Connex Collection: Why do I need it?

Made from 100% polycarbonate, these suitcases are easy to carry but are still durable enough to protect your belongings while being tossed around by the ground crew (we all know what goes on behind the scenes at the airport). Bonus: the light weight of the Connex Collection allows you to pack even more of your possessions without going over airlines’ restrictive weight limits.

The three bright new colour options will help you find your suitcase faster at the baggage carousel and will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Your spring, summer and year-round tropical travel wear shouldn’t be weighed down by the sight of a dull black suitcase. Step your game up with this stylish baggage that will complete your look.

Victorinox Connex Collection: Should I buy it?

In a bright spring lilac, romantic rose gold and a fresh leafy floral print, the new Victorinox Connex Collection colours are fun and feminine. Available in a Global Carry-On, a Frequent Flyer Carry-On and both Medium and Large hard-side suitcases, there’s a Connex for every travel need.

Whether you’re taking connecting flights, exploring Europe by train or simply just trying to load yourself and your luggage into a taxi, the Connex Collection’s easy maneuverability, light weight and tough shell will make your journey a breeze.

$279 - $379,