Let’s face it: the expectation of travel neck pillows rarely lives up to the reality. We’ve all jammed one of those bulky, U-shaped memory foam ones into our carry-on bag on at least one flight, only to realize the limited level of support it provides isn’t worth the amount of space it takes up. When you realize you’re not much more comfortable with the neck pillow than without, it rarely gets brought along for a second trip.

The TRTL might very well restore your lost faith in the usefulness of neck pillows. Made from a soft fleece material, it looks more like an scarf than a pillow, an immediate point in its favour that already makes it comfier and less nerdy-looking than a traditional neck pillow. You separate the velcro and wrap it around your neck, positioning the arch on either side of your neck or under your chin, depending on what’s more comfortable. A removable plastic frame inside the fleece supports your neck and holds it in an ergonomic position for sleeping.

In addition to helping you sleep more comfortably on planes, trains and buses, the TRTL is machine-washable. It’s lightweight and folds up small, so it takes up minimal space in your luggage when not in use.

$47.95, trtltravel.com