Packing is one aspect of travelling that tends to stress out even the most avid globetrotters. Even if you’re typically an organized person at home, on the road you’ve probably found yourself fumbling inside an overstuffed carry-on bag for a pen or constantly panicking because you’ve forgotten where you put your passport yet again.

The Flight Pack offers one solution for storing your belongings and streamlining your packing process. This stylish pack features pouches, holders and detachable compartments designed to organize all your small essentials.

There are dozens of different ways to use the pack depending on how you like to travel, but we particularly love the magnetized pouches for stowing passports, pens and notebooks, as well as the middle section, which has holders for phone chargers and earbuds. As a bonus, the pack comes stocked with four squishy, leak-proof bottles that are great for transporting shampoo and other toiletries.

Made from vegan leather with gunmetal zippers and microsuede lining, the pack is a sleek addition to your travel gear arsenal. At 7 ½’’ x 10’’ x 3’’ in size, it fits easily into most carry-on bags or you can use the top handle to carry it separately and then store it under your seat on the plane.

$80.00 USD;