Even if you’re a packing pro, it’s pretty much impossible for your clothes to emerge completely wrinkle-free after a journey in your luggage. You can’t necessarily count on your accomodation to provide an iron in your room – and those of us who have struggled with clunky, drip-prone hotel irons can attest that even if an iron is available, it’s often barely functional.

The First Class Travel Iron offers one solution for keeping your packed clothes polished when you’re on the road. Weighing less than 2 lbs, it won’t add significantly to your luggage bulk, plus it has a foldable handle and comes with a carrying case for simple packing.

Despite being small and lightweight, the First Class Travel Iron gets the job done as effectively as a full-size iron. Its stainless steel soleplate features 200 microholes for evenly distributed steam, and it can also deliver bursts of steam for smoothing tough wrinkles. Smaller details like seams and collars are easily reached with the precision tip, and the anti-drip function prevents water stains on fabrics. Two heating elements give it dual voltage capacity, allowing it to function equally well at 120 or 240 volts.

$49.99, rowenta.ca