When you think of pickpocket-proof travel accessories, money belts, neck wallets and other less-than-stylish items are probably what come to mind. The Clever Travel Companion scarf offers a sleek alternative to these frumpy pieces that doesn’t sacrifice the safety of your belongings.

The Clever Travel Companion scarf looks like a regular circle scarf, but it features two concealed zipper pockets where you can store your wallet, cash, passport, smartphone and other small valuables. The smart design ensures it doesn’t look bulky when it’s full of items, plus allows you to easily access your belongings when you need them without fumbling around.

Even if theft isn’t a concern, this scarf is handy for storing lip balm, keys, sunglasses and other odds and ends for days when you don’t feel like carrying a bag. Made from 100% cotton, the scarf is lightweight enough to wear in both hot and cold climates, so it’s equally well-suited to tropical jungle treks as it is to winter city breaks.

$64; clevertravelcompanion.com