With Toronto’s icy weather showing no signs of ceasing, we’re still on the hunt for reliable winter boot options that will keep us toasty and fall-free during our cold-weather travels, near and far.

Baffin’s Icefield Boots hold up in even the coldest winter days (they’re temperature rated to keep you warm in conditions as low as -100°C), whether that’s dog-sledding in Norway or snowmobiling in the Yukon.

The adjustable toggled lacing provides a snug fit, with a separate top toggle serving to lock out snow. The outsoles are made of slip-resistant rubber to keep you steady, while reflective piping along the boot exterior makes you more visible in low light conditions.

Although they look rugged from the outside, the eight-layer inner boot is so cushy and cloud-like you might even find yourself hoping for colder weather so you’ll have a reason to treat your feet to a day in these super comfy boots.

baffin.com, $224.99