What is it?

Away doesn’t call this the Everywhere Bag for nothing – it’s the perfect luggage piece to take just about anywhere. Large enough to hold all your items for a weekend getaway, but compact enough to act as a purse or laptop bag, Away’s Everywhere bag can be used for any type of travel. A range of colours come in either a sleek, modern-looking nylon or a sturdy, luxurious pebbled leather – you can match it to your other baggage or express yourself with something unique.

Why do I need it?

There’s nothing worse than reaching into a bag full of loose items, unsure of what your hand might grasp as you feel around. That’s why we love all the details inside of Away’s Everywhere Bag. A laptop pouch with a snap closure keeps your computer safe and secure while pockets of varying sizes are perfect for organizing items. A zippered pouch offers even more security for your smaller valuables. Underneath the Everywhere bag, a waterproof compartment lets you stow your umbrella or wet swimsuit without sacrificing your other belongings.

The option of having both a long crossbody strap and handles makes it easy to carry this bad boy. Bonus: The Everywhere bag comes with a side sleeve that allows you to slip it over your suitcase handle for simple and secure maneuverability. Double bonus: The sleeve has its own pocket to fulfill even more of your organizational dreams.

Should I buy it?

A sturdy, modern design and thoughtful features make this all-purpose bag a champion of the travel game. Carry it day-to-day, use it for short trips or slide it onto your suitcase as a carry-on companion – or all of the above. Durable, fashionable and incredibly versatile, once you add the Everywhere Bag to your travel arsenal you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

$295-$445, awaytravel.com