You’ve probably seen Allbirds popping up on your social feeds over the past year or two, with reviews touting them as the most comfortable shoe in the world. There’s no question Allbirds are trendy, but are they a great travel shoe?

Allbirds are made from wool, which might sound like an itchy-foot-sweater nightmare, but it actually makes them soft and breathable. The wool minimizes odour and wicks moisture away from your feet, so you can get away with going sockless in them. The wool is also surprisingly dirt resistant but if you get them particularly grimy, the shoes can stand up to being tossed in the washing machine to clean them.

As a bonus, they’re eco-conscious with the wool design taking about 60 per cent less energy to create than a standard synthetic shoe. Their laces incorporate recycled plastic and they come packaged in 90 per cent recycled cardboard boxes.

The shoes come in a range of colours and their simple, minimalist look makes them easy to pair with a travel wardrobe. And yes, they really are as comfortable as everyone says.