Ugh! We're bored of Ontario's gob-smackingly gorgeous landscapes, burgeoning food scene and culture – said no one ever. But no matter how much we love our home turf, there's nothing quite like a jaunt over the pond to Europe, where you can get a coffee and a croissant while strolling through Paris' flea markets; eat proper pizza in Naples before exploring more than two thousand years of history at Pompeii; and glugging a stein of beer in a Munich bierkeller. But with the coronavirus crisis, some of our favourite destinations were suddenly off limits, our jetsetting dreams brought crashing to the ground. Until now, as Europe's borders reopen. 

Thankfully, after months of being locked down, the EU announced on June 15 that countries in the Schengen zone should start lifting their borders, and on June 30 that was expanded to include Australia, Japan, New Zealand – and Canada.

Before you go trotting off into the sunset in Seville, make sure you do your homework. Firstly, be aware that the Canadian government is advising against non-essential travel, and that you'll have to quarantine for 14 days on your return to Canada. Also make sure you check with the individual country's regulations: even though they're allowed to welcome travellers from Canada, they aren't required to do so – although different rules apply to EU citizens, residents and their family members.

If you do travel, pack your hand sanitizer. Wear a face mask on the plane. Wash your hands a lot. Unpack all the covid-19 risks of flying to make sure you're fully informed, and check the policies of each airline.

But you should still get excited about holidays on the horizon. We for one grabbed our credit cards faster than you can say "Ciao! Uno Aperol spritz, per favore."

On our list? Touring the olive groves of Southern Tuscany; drinking vermouth at Albert Adrià's Bodega 1900 in Barcelona; and going wine tasting in Porto. Want more ideas for trips to Europe to dream about? Well, you're in the right place. You can thank us later.