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6 far out places to eat in Melbourne according to Curtis Stone

From fancy fine dining to down and dirty meat pies, celebrity chef Curtis Stone shows us the best places to grab some grub in Melbourne, Australia. 

Curtis Stone's guide to Melbourne, Australia

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone walks us through the best places to eat in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia 

Talk about BIG trips once COVID is behind us and Australia certainly comes to mind. So, while we're making post-pandemic plans, what better way to get excited than with some recommendations for our favourite thing to do while travelling — stuffing our faces. Melbourne, Victoria's capital city, is a gourmand's paradise with some of the best coffee culture and cafés in the world plus some top-notch craft beer on offer. But beyond their beans, Melbourne is lighting the world on fire with enough hunger-inducing markets (don't miss the sprawling Queen Victoria Market), restaurants and bars to make you skip the beach for at least one day.

Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone chatted with Escapism to get travellers excited to book their visit Down Under as soon as the borders reopen. The owner of U.S. restaurants Maude Restaurant, Gwen, and Georgie and the Pie Room by Gwen shares some of his favourite Melbourne restaurants, croissant spots and pie destinations for your next visit to Australia's Garden City.

If his picks aren't enough to satiate your appetite for travelling (and just, y'know, food), you can dive into some more Australian food recommendations on Field Trip with Curtis Stone launching its second season on NBCUniversal Peacock shortly. Follow Stone as he experiences once-in-a-lifetime adventures found across Australia’s diverse regions of New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. 

The best places to eat in Melbourne, Australia

1. Lune Croissanterie

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"Lune is a Melbourne-based croissant shop that is located in an industrial warehouse in the city. It is known for groundbreakingly delicious and innovative approaches to croissant making, including unique flavours and double-baked croissants. Lune may not be your traditional restaurant, but it is the coolest café ever! From the unparalleled design to the aromatic coffee, Lune is on to something. Interestingly enough, founder Kate Reid used to be an Aerodynamicist. Trust me, her eye for precision shows in this unique locale."

2. Attica

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"This fine-dining restaurant in Melbourne, Australia continues to top the charts of best restaurants in the world. If Michelin stars could be given out to Australian restaurants, this would be a shoo-in. The restaurant features native ingredients, some even cultivated from owner Ben Shewry's garden. Attica exemplifies Australian cuisine, highlighting traditional cooking techniques, recipes and cultural phenomena. It is no surprise that Attica sits as the top restaurant to visit in Australia. One benefit of travel restrictions is that Attica only takes advance bookings. Get started on your trip itinerary and reserve your spot early."

3. Three Blue Ducks

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"A famous trio in the Australian cooking scene, Mark LaBrooy, Chris Sorrell and Sam Reid-Boquist launched Three Blue Ducks with a mission of using locally sourced ingredients to create beautiful and affordable dishes. These three gentlemen, now owners of a number of Australian restaurants, started the restaurant with a shared passion for the authentic Aussie lifestyle; good surfing, great snow and fresh local food. Three Blue Ducks restaurants exist in Bronte, Byron Bay, Rosebery, Brisbane, Nimbo and Melbourne, offering high-quality, authentically Australian dining for the masses."

4. Vue de monde

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"Vue de monde has been a staple for Melbourne dining for almost 20 years. This restaurant presents beautiful luxurious foods with honest, natural roots. Chef Shannon Bennett creates a sustainable kitchen environment whenever possible, from upgrading to the latest environmentally savvy technologies to sourcing food from local producers. Vue de monde works to integrate Melbourne’s culture and community into refined, novelty dishes. You're guaranteed an exciting and dynamic experience that features fresh, locally grown products, cooked with skill and creativity."

5. Meatsmith — Specialty Butcher & Wine Merchant

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"I'm not being biased — Australian meat really is some of the best in the world. Meatsmith is a go-to if you are looking for top-quality meats and pairings. Meatsmith takes pride in working with dedicated producers who lead the way in ethically and sustainably farmed meats. They take care of every step of the process — from supporting farmers in the region to utilizing whole animals to marinades, rolling, dry ageing, seasoning and getting the meal ready for your kitchen table. They even offer wines and condiments intended to pair with your particular cut of meat. This is quality that you can taste, I promise."

6. Wonder Pies

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"Aussie pies in Australia are an absolute must-try. Wonder Pies is my go-to pie shop in Melbourne. They offer savoury and sweet pies in a range of sizes and flavours available. Try traditional Australian recipes, as well as new, innovative flavour combinations. The choices are endless and new pies hit their menu all the time. To top it off, all of Wonder Pie’s products are handcrafted, making each one imperfectly perfect!"