If you live in Toronto, sometimes just getting on the TTC feels like the biggest adventure you’re going to have. City life can be a grind, but if you look up, chances are you’re going to find something to get excited about.

Standing 553 metres above the busy streets of Toronto, you can’t miss the CN Tower. It demands attention and is quite the site to behold, but would you dare walk along its edge? With the new season of EdgeWalk starting April 8, 2023, you totally can (psst, you got this).

At 116 storeys, EdgeWalk is the world’s highest full-circle, hands-free walk — the first of its kind in North America. Up there, it’s just you and the birds (and your small group) treated to the best view in town.

The thrilling experience starts at the south side of the Tower above 360 Restaurant, where you’ll follow your guide around the circumference of the building before returning.

The whole experience takes about 90 minutes from start to finish, with 30 minutes spent on EdgeWalk, where you can cheer each other on as you do fun (read: emotionally charged) poses off the building’s edge with nothing but your harness securing you.

One you’ve completed your walk, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement, a video, two printed photographs and a ticket to visit the rest of the Tower, including SkyPod. EdgeWalk makes for an exhilarating date idea (relationship test), rousing group hang or inspiring team-building exercise.

Plus, EdgeWalk is wheelchair accessible by providing a specially designed one-piece wheelchair, which allows participants who meet the safety criteria an opportunity to participate.

EdgeWalk is a one-of-a-kind bucket-list Toronto experience for both thrill-seekers and the thrill-curious. It’s a walk outside your comfort zone, and an exciting way to get out of your routine and reach for the sky. 

To book your EdgeWalk experience, visit cntower.ca/edgewalk