What is it

After trying on the Fresh Air Fleece Jumpsuit once, I wanted to live in it forever. A cross between a durable fleece for the outdoors and a cozy pyjama-like jumpsuit, this wearable outfit really does combine the best of both worlds. It's made for those crisp fall hikes in Ontario, or cool nights at a cozy cabin.

The jumpsuit comes to us as a collaboration between outdoor equipment store MEC and Vancouver-based romper revolutionaries Smash + Tess.

Friends camp in the Smash + Tess X MEC Fresh Air Fleece Jumpsuit

Founded by a mother-daughter team, Smash + Tess specializes in creating comfortable, simple-yet-stylish clothing that celebrates all body types. They’re known for their inclusive sizing — the Fresh Air Fleece Jumpsuit comes in 10 different sizes ranging from 3XS to 4X. Yes, 10 different sizes! Rompers can be difficult to fit (some of us have long torsos OK?), so this is one of my favourite features of Smash + Tess. At first, I didn’t know how my size would translate to their system but I used the handy “Find my size” function and it worked perfectly.

Roasting marshmallows by the fire in the Smash + Tess X MEC Fresh Air Fleece Jumpsuit

The Smash + Tess X MEC Fresh Air Fleece Jumpsuit comes in Dark Slate, a neutral grey, or Green Teal, a pop of earthy colour.

Why do I need it

Camping, and being outdoors in general, can already be a bit of an uncomfortable experience — bugs and temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on an otherwise perfectly good hike or cottage trip. Plus, the cozy clothes we love at home often aren’t durable enough to handle the great outdoors. That’s where the Smash + Tess Fresh Air Fleece Jumpsuit comes in.

Made of Polartech fleece with a Ripstop nylon overlay, this jumpsuit can keep up with your outdoor adventures, and it is as comfortable as wearing pyjamas. If I could, I would never take it off. The long sleeves with hems and long jogger-style pants with cinched leg will keep the warmth in and the bugs out. Too hot? Unzip it and tie the arms around your waist for a relaxed look, then zip it up when it gets chilly on those cold evenings.

A woman relaxes on a dock in the Smash + Tess X MEC Fresh Air Fleece Jumpsuit

Should I buy it

Short answer: yes. Long answer: Do you like being cozy? Do you like being warm? Then, still yes. The Smash + Tess Fresh Air Fleece Jumpsuit is primed to be your new outdoor adventure BFF. It’s cozy as all get out, warm and durable. You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud, while hiking through the wilderness. That’s what I’m talking about.

Smash + Tess X MEC Fresh Air Fleece Jumpsuit, $179, smashtess.ca