If you’ve ever been faced with that tough choice between shelling out money for a hotel on a short layover or curling up on an airport bench, you’ll appreciate the newest addition to Washington DC’s Dulles International Airport. Sleepbox, a micro-hotel due to open at the end of the month, features 16 secure, sound-proofed rooms where weary travellers can nap and relax while waiting for their flight.

Clocking in at 30 square feet for a compact size and 45 square feet for a standard size, the rooms feature memory foam beds, along with Wi-Fi and power outlets. Travellers will need to download the Sleepbox app to reserve a space, as well as to control in-room temperature and lighting. Located in Terminal A, the rooms can be rented on an hourly basis up to a full overnight, with rates starting at $25 per hour.