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This Canadian pilot paid tribute to George Floyd in the air

Dimitri Neonakis paid tribute to George Floyd when he chose a flight path that resembled a raised fist on a flight to Novia Scotia last week. 

Not all heroes wear capes – some put on a pilot's cap and take to the skies to show their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. While flying in Nova Scotia last week, Dimitri Neonakis made one big statement with a very intentional flight path he took – the Canadian pilot paid tribute to George Floyd in the air by creating the shape of a raised fist, a symbol of the movement that has been in the spotlight since Floyd's murder by police brutality – an event which has triggered protests and a worldwide movement.

Neonakis posted a picture of the two-and-a-half-hour flight over Nova Scotia on Facebook with the caption:

"Today I flew this 330 nautical mile flight pattern which took the shape of a movement symbol which I respect and support. While I was up there moving around free, the words of George Floyd 'I can’t Breathe' came to mind a few times, a stark contrast. I see a World of one race in multi colours - this is the World I see, and this is my message !! End Racism".

Flight Aware, the world’s largest flight tracking data company, also reposted the flight path on Twitter:


It's not the first time Neonakis has taken to the skies to show his support. Back in April, the east coaster drew a heart-shaped flight path in memorial to the Novia Scotia attacks which killed 22 people.