Millions of tourists have walked across the iconic Abbey Road crossing in north London since the Beatles' album of the same name first came out in 1969, so it stands to reason that the intersection was in need of a facelift. But when is a good time to give the world's most famous pedestrian crossing a makeover? 

Silver linings come in many forms, and none more so than finally having time to do the tasks on our to-do lists during this global pandemic. Following the U.K.'s lockdown last week, Abbey Road has checked one thing off the agenda by giving the busy street a refresh during a period when fans of the Beatles won't be out snapping pictures of the landmark.


The "zebra crossing," as it's known in Great Britain, was given protected status in 2010, meaning that "the crossing can be altered but only with the approval of the local authorities," according to Reuters. And it would appear that such an unprecedented time is a good enough reason for tweaking this national treasure.

It was also reported this week that the Egyptian pyramids will be getting a deep clean while the country's museums and archaeological sites are shut down during the coronavirus epidemic. If nothing else positive comes out of COVID-19, it's good to know that plenty of the world's attractions will be putting out their best foot when travel is open for business again.