When it comes to trampolines, we can all unanimously agree that bigger is better — so uplå, North America’s largest, must be the best. Located only about 30 minutes from Toronto in Stouffville, this outdoor mega-trampoline offers a whopping 800 metres of bouncy fun. If you can't get out to an Ontario wellness retreat right now, this is your next bet for some restorative fun.

Things to do in Toronto | The uplå web of trampolines

Uplå is stretched out amongst the canopy in a series of bridges, nests, slides and vertical tunnels, somewhat reminiscent of the Swiss Family Treehouse. You'll have the chance to traverse 9000 square feet of nets, touring the forest's upper realm at the same time.

Uplå is part of Treetop Trekking’s forest adventure park at Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area. It’s great for bouncers of all ages, and a tour lasts two hours. You’ll have a blast flinging yourself through the trees while exploring this world of nets, suspended two storeys off the ground. Plus, stay tuned for new features expected to be added soon.

To learn more, head to on.upla.ca