Getting There

Icelandair offers daily flights from Toronto to Reykjavik, and there is also a stopover option for those interested in exploring additional parts of Europe. Meanwhile, great deals can be found through Wow Air, Iceland’s discount airline. 

Iceland is a world of mind-bending sublimity, of fiery volcanoes and majestic icebergs, of deep canyons and soaring mountains. With its black sand beaches, ancient rock formations and perpetually morphing weather patterns, it looks and feels like an alien planet.

This small island was once an under-the-radar travel destination, but word of its appeal has gotten out in a big way. It has recently become a sought- after backdrop for fantastical cinematic productions worldwide, including Game of Thrones and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Getting Around

Car rentals are a popular option for exploring the entirety of the island. Happy Campers offers extremely practical camper vans that can sleep two to five people and come equipped with cooking equipment – a great idea for adventure-seeking road trippers looking to navigate Iceland’s Ring Road.

And its tourism is proliferating at a rapid pace. This year, 2.3 million people are expected to visit the isolated country, the population of which is a modest 330,000. Still, solace from the crowds can be found for those who seek it.

Circumnavigating the small island is the 1,300-kilometre Ring Road, which provides unfettered access to Iceland’s beguiling landscapes and quaint villages. As these dreamlike images from Toronto photographer Kailee Mandel attest, it’s an experience that won’t be easy to forget.