What to do

Bogotá’s elevation means that the temperature in the city stays comfortable year round. So, biking is the best way to enjoy the old quarters and graffiti alleys. Bogotá Bike Tours is entirely customizable. Our favourite ride takes you through the city’s La Candelaria district – which is home to a dozen museums and cultural attractions like the acclaimed Museo Iglesia Santa Clara, one of the oldest churches in Colombia, and the Museo del Oro (gold museum). The tour should be one of the first things you do when you arrive in Bogotá to get a sense of how the city is structured and laid out.

Bogotá is surrounded by beautiful mountainscapes. The most popular one, Monserrate, sits at the edge of the city and can be accessed with ease. When you’re ready to take a break from downtown, head to the Teleférico (cable car) station for a quick ride up the mountain. The cable car treats you to the best bird’s-eye view of Bogotá as it climbs 10,000 feet above sea level in just four minutes. Up top, enjoy 360-degree views, a local merchants’ market and one of the best restaurants for local cuisine, Restaurante Casa Santa Clara.

Where to eat and drink

Bogotá’s food scene is lively and eclectic. Start with a meal in the La Candelaria district with its colonial architecture and sprawling plazas. La Puerta is a local favourite for classic Colombian cuisine. Get acquainted with the national dish, bandeja paisa, a platter of assorted roasted meat served with beans and vegetables. There are a variety of candy shops located next to the restaurant that are worth a visit.

Long known for its cocktails and aguardiente, Bogotá’s beer scene is quickly on the rise. The best is Bogota Beer Company. There’s always at least a dozen beers to try, so order a flight of samples before you choose a favourite. BBC has quickly expanded throughout the city, and nearly every major district now has one.

Where to stay

For colonial-style Spanish comfort, the Four Seasons offers a luxurious setting. The global chain took over the historic Casa Medina property in 2015, and thankfully left most of its charm and accents intact. The hotel is situated in the bustling 93 Park shopping district and is within walking distance to a number of museums and attractions. Rooms are modern and feature all the indulgent amenities one could want. The Zona G neighbourhood has evolved into a hot spot for nightlife, with craft beer and night dancing options within a block.