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Suresh Doss


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Winging It: Copenhagen, Denmark

Explore one of Scandinavia’s best preserved and most accessible cities as we pedal from amusement parks to unsung eateries.

Winging it: Chicago, IL revisited

No American city has upped its game in the last 20 years quite like Chicago. We go beyond deep dish and Yeezy.

Winging It: Tel Aviv, Israel

We capture the essence of Israel’s bustling beachside metropolis and outlines what you need to know to plan your own sun-soaked stay.

Winging It: Los Angeles, CA

We dive into L.A.’s sprawling streets to discover the city’s glam history, diverse food and walkable districts.

Winging It: New Orleans, LA

In the Crescent City, it’s easy to have a good time over great food with new friends. We show you NOLA at its best.

Winging It: Quebec City, QC

We take you on a tour of Quebec City’s historic buildings, European-style cuisine and picturesque scenery.

Winging It: Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas continues its meteoric rise as a destination for gourmands as well as gamblers. Here are the of-the-moment and classic attractions.

The County's Bounty: Discovering the Food and Wine of Prince Edward County

We follow the parade of Toronto chefs to find out why they’re making the pilgrimage to the formerly sleepy, wine-producing Prince Edward County.

Winging It: Bogota, Colombia

Perched on a plateau high in the Andes, Colombia’s capital offers everything from picturesque colonial architecture to top chocolate. We find the must-see sights and attractions.

Winging It: Havana, Cuba

In the photogenic Cuban capital, it’s not just classic cars and colourful buildings. We find the best of Havana.

Room Service: Riu Dunamar – Cancun, Mexico

With a secluded location and extensive amenities, the new Riu Dunamar offers a refreshing change from the typical Cancun resort experience.

Room Service: Langdon Hall – Cambridge, ON

Langdon Hall offers fine dining, walking trails and spa services to support its reputation as a top-notch retreat.

Winging It: Chicago, IL

Chicago is a short flight from away from Toronto, but it’s a world unto itself with art, architecture and food