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Hot Shots: Floating market in Banjarmasin, Indonesia

Today's dose of escapism is a colourful shot of a floating market in Indonesia where goods are traded between boats piled high with fruits and vegetables.

Floating market in Banjarmasin, Indonesia

While the boat bazaars of Bangkok may get all the attention, floating markets have a strong presence all over Asia. For communities built around rivers, the waterways are an integral part of life, for transport and as a place to congregate and trade goods.

On the island of Borneo, South Kalimantan is known for these floating markets – called “pasar terapung” in Indonesian. Near the city of Banjarmasin, the Lok Baintan market sets up on the Martapura River and the Muara Kuin market is held at the junction of the Barito and Kuin Rivers.

Each morning at dawn, Banjar people pile their wares into small boats and gather on the water to sell and trade everything from freshly grown fruits and vegetables to fish, eggs and oil.