As borders close and travel restrictions tighten, a wonderful vacation might not be on the horizon for any of us. But while we may be cooped up indoors, we’re still holding a torch for our not-so-immediate future travel plans and all the destinations we continue to dream about.

In our annual Culinary Issue, we take you on a world-wide food tour. Katie Bridges goes beyond tacos and tequila to discover how Tucson became the first U.S. entry on the UNESCO City of Gastronomy list. Slurp back oysters in P.E.I. with Taylor Newlands, then turn the page and sip hot soup with Caroline Aksich as she takes us with her on a harrowing hike up Mount Fuji during the off season.

Meanwhile, we go hunting for Michelin stars around the world to round up the most interesting and unusual restaurants to earn the accolade – fermented lamb with mealworms anyone?

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we look at food ceremonies and traditions from different cultures and take high society to a whole new level with some of the world's highest restaurants – and their incredible views.

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