Just Landed: New York's LaGuardia Airport is getting an $8-billion makeover

Hope is on the horizon for those who loathe transiting through one of the busiest airports in the U.S..

Major improvements have been made to LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B, as part of an $8-billion plan to modernize the airport. The often-mocked New York flying field has added 11 new gates with seven more to follow in 2020. The concourse is now home to local restaurants and shops, airline lounges and an abundance of natural light pouring in.

Still under construction, LGA is slated to have 72 gates on six concourses and two new arrival and departure halls. Future plans include the building of a rail connection from LGA to Midtown Manhattan, which would allow travellers to commute between city centre and airport in around 30 minutes; along with the construction of 14 miles of new roadways to connect drivers to the facility. The goal is for the fully revamped LaGuardia to debut in 2023.

Much to the excitement of frequent travellers through the Big Apple, LaGuardia isn’t the only airport in New York City getting a makeover in the coming years. JFK Airport is adding four million square feet of space by 2025, which will allow the busy airport to accommodate an extra 15 million passengers each year; while Newark is replacing its oldest building, Terminal A, with a new terminal set to open by 2021.