Just Landed: This new train can take you from Tangier to Casablanca in two hours

The first of its kind in Africa, the Al Boraq High Speed Train travels faster than a Boeing 757 at takeoff. 

Exploring the rich history of Morocco’s coastal cities just became a whole lot easier. Recently inaugurated by Moroccan king, Mohammed VI and French president, Emmanuel Macron, the AI Boraq High Speed Train is the first of its kind in Africa.

The high-speed rail line runs from Tangier to Casablanca. Travelling via Morocco’s regular train between these two cities usually takes around five hours, but the Al Boraq has cut that time down to just over two hours – leaving you more time for sightseeing.

In addition to Tangier and Casablanca, the bullet train also stops in Kenitra, a port city on the Sebou River and Rabat, Morocco’s capital city.

During testing, the Al Boraq reached a top speed of 357 kilometres per hour – faster than the speed of a Boeing 757 at takeoff. While travelling between Tangier and Kenitra, the train’s speed averages about 320km. Between Kenitra and Casablanca it slows to 160km per hour.

The Al Boraq’s fares start around $30 and trips run every hour or two from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Enjoy cushy seats, privacy shades to block the sun and snacks from the cafeteria car while you whizz along the high-speed rail from Tangier to Casablanca.