Traveling by train in Europe is about to get easier than ever thanks to new updates to the Eurail’s Global Pass, including new destinations and lowered prices.

The Global Pass has long been a popular option for travellers visiting several European destinations in a single trip, simplifying transportation by covering train travel in dozens of different countries. There are around ten different pass options, priced based on the length of your trip and how many train travel days it will include.

Eurail is adding three new countries -- Lithuania, Great Britain and Macedonia -- to its network for 2019, bringing the total number of countries covered by the Global Pass up to 31.

Other changes to the pass program include the discontinuation of multi-country passes that covered just two, three or four countries. While the later may not initially sound like good news, Eurail is helping to balance out this change by pricing the Global Pass almost 40 per cent cheaper than last year, which means you can visit more countries for less money.