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You can now watch the sunrise from the top of the CN Tower

You don't have to be Drake to get to see the city from the top of the CN Tower. Live earth cams and a nightly light show have got your views covered.

For those of us lucky enough to count impending boredom as our biggest concern during the pandemic, the internet has come to the rescue yet again. Between completely free online magazinesvirtual tours to take you around the world and newfound hobbies like meditation, there are plenty of online resources to keep us entertained.

Now our most iconic landmark is adding to the long list of indoor adventures that are just a click away. The CN Tower might be closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the incredible views from the top of one of the tallest towers in the world.

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Scroll down to the bottom of the CN Tower’s homepage and you’ll find a live stream from both of their earth cameras that look out over the city. (Now we know what Batman feels like.) Sunlight reflecting off the lake, cars zipping along the Gardiner and trains chugging in and out of Union station are a soothing sight to behold. Best of all one camera faces east and one faces west so you can catch the sun rising or setting on the Six.

And that isn’t the only view worth witnessing. There's a third camera pointed at the CN Tower, so even if you can't see it from your balcony, window or during your single allotted daily walk, you can still watch their nightly light show. At the beginning of every hour, the tower is washed in blue light to stand in solidarity with healthcare workers and essential service providers. At the end of every hour, a rainbow light display is a symbol of hope and unity.