Estonia is commemorating a century of independence this year and celebrating with events ranging from film screenings and concerts to exhibitions and competitions.

Festivities will be held throughout 2018 and continue into 2020, but February 24 of this year is the official anniversary of the country’s independence and therefore promises to be a highlight. A ceremonial flag raising will take place at sunrise in the country’s capital, Tallinn, followed by an elaborate military parade.

Other main events include “Tale of the Century,” a large-scale theatre project that explores Estonia’s last 100 years of history through 13 productions; and “A Party in Every Village,” which sees each village across the country taking a turn hosting its own 100th birthday party for the country.

The Estonia 100 program extends beyond the country’s borders with around 200 events planned in 30 countries across the globe, so don’t be surprised if the world feels a little more Estonian this year.