We all know the famous Beatles song, Strawberry Fields Forever (maybe some of us have even wailed it out at a karaoke party after a few too many.) But how many of us know that the Strawberry Field John Lennon was referring to in that famous tune was not, in fact, a strawberry field at all?

In Liverpool, U.K., Strawberry Field operated as a children's home for almost 70 years before being shuttered. Now, the refuge is opening its red gates once again, allowing tourists to visit the place where John Lennon played, long before the Beatles.

The reopened site will continue to provide services for vulnerable youth, as well as offering something special for tourists. A new exhibition tells the story of the house, John Lennon's early years and the writing and recording of Strawberry Fields Forever. There are also gardens and a café onsite.

Ticket sales for the exhibit will go towards helping Strawberry Field support Liverpool's youth.