Let's face it, you're never going to be completely comfortable on a plane. Window seat, aisle, not enough leg room – it's hard to please everyone at 30,000 ft. in the air.

But if a martini and an eye mask are key components of your in-flight survival kit, this news is for you. Japan Airlines has quietly made it easier for passengers to book a seat away from wailing wee ones. When you book directly through their site, the map will be marked with an infant icon for seats with children under two-years-old. The system isn’t totally guaranteed though – people who pay with points or book through a third-party site will still have to play the game of baby roulette.

So far, this new tool has been as polarizing as the “issue" it’s attempting to solve, with people taking to Twitter either singing its praises or calling out folks who use it as the problem. No babies have yet to comment on the matter.