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Hot Shots: Hallerbos Forest

Hallerbos Forest in Belgium transforms into a fairytale-like world each spring when thousands of bluebells come into bloom.

Every spring, Hallerbos Forest in Belgium gets a magical makeover when the forest floor becomes covered in a blanket of bluebells. Spanning 555 hectares, the forest is located a 45-minute drive south of Brussels on the border between the regions of Flanders and Wallonia.

Two designated walking trails allow visitors to safely admire the bluebells without crushing these delicate flowers. The exact flowering time for the bluebells varies each year, peaking when the weather is warm and before the surrounding canopy of beeches begin to leaf and block out the sunlight needed for the bluebells to thrive.

Unless you hop on a plane to Belgium today, you’re unlikely to catch this year’s flowering but keep an eye on Hallerbos’ website for predictions on when you can catch the enchanting bloom next year.

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