Travel can be hard on your skin, but taking your skincare routine on the road often means messily transferring your full-size products into travel-size containers.

Blitz Facial Bar’s sheet masks offer one solution for simplifying your on-the-go skincare routine. While you might associate face masks with leave-on clay formulas or peel-off products, Blitz Facial Bar’s sheet masks are made from a natural silk material that’s been treated with vitamin-packed serums. That means you don’t need to worry about washing excess product off your hands after applying them.

Packaged as a set of three, it’s recommended you use the masks over three consecutive days to hydrate and refresh your skin after long journeys. Start with the Vitamin C mask, made with cherry fruit extracts to brighten and repair your skin. On day two, apply the Radiance mask for a boost of hydration and then finish with the Plumping Collagen mask on day three, which uses pearl essence to lift and energize your skin. Together, they’re a relaxing way to pamper your weary skin after a drying flight.