Ever wondered how you can get airplane food on the ground? Yeah, us neither. But, AirAsia is hoping to change travellers’ minds with the opening of new restaurant, Santan (Malay word for coconut milk and a staple of many Malaysian dishes). 

The airline's first brick-and-mortar restaurant – inspired by its popular in-flight gourmet dishes – launched in Kuala Lumpur in late 2019. About 30 per cent of the menu features larger portions of the meals offered on board, while the rest took chefs several months to develop. 

With aims to expand globally, this fast-food restaurant features an affordable smart-menu powered by artificial intelligence. Without the tight quarters of an in-air galley, Santan's menu is longer than the one served at 30,000 ft. and already had meals selling out by noon on opening day. 

With over 11,000 weekly flights, AirAsia has succeeded for years at being one of the region's most popular budget airlines. Re-routing people’s opinions on plane food is a whole other trip and, so far, it's taking off. 

To learn more about Santan, AirAsia's new restaurant, visit newsroom.airasia.com

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